Try out brand new Microsoft Office 2013 with new features brought to the Cloud.

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Sign up for the new Free Office Trial and check out all the new features. We encourage you to try out Microsoft Office 365 which is the latest edition of Office that Microsoft is offering. It has all the features of Office 2013 and a lot more: pay as you use the system - no need to pay in advance, pay for a couple of months and avoid spending thousands of dollars; install the software on up to 5 computers, plus mobile devices; stream Office to any computer you need; free updates and even more for a lower price. Try Office 365 for free for as long as 30 days! Sign up now - no commitment, no credit card data required. Microsoft Office 365 Trial gives you an opportunity to choose from several plan options and use it for a whole month to try out all the features it offers. Different Office plans have different features and applications - choose the plan that suits your needs the best. The Trial version has all the features of the chosen plan, it is fully available for a month and does not require any payments or your credit card data*. Sign up for free and try working on the Cloud yourself. You can choose a trial of several plans for personal users or for businesses. Check the comparison to choose the one that meets your needs the best.

Free Office Trial.

Try out Office 365 instead of Office 2013 and get a whole lot more. Microsoft Office Free Trial.

The latest Microsoft Office 2013 has all the best features of the previous Microsoft Office editions and is not much different from the previous Office 2010, however integration with the Cloud brings it to a whole different level. The latest edition of Microsoft Office is Office 365, which is a subscription- based service, that allows users to choose the most suitable solution, meet the needs of every user starting from personal users and small businesses, to enterprises. A subscription of Office 365 provides the user with a Microsoft account and applications that are included in the plan. Office 365 has all the features of Office 2013 plus:

  • installation of full applications on up to 5 PCs or Mac - excluding the mobile devices;
  • office on demand - allows office streaming on any computer by logging in to microsoft account on a browser;
  • easily created websites with Sharepoint, with no additional domain costs;
  • all the software available online - no need to purchase any additional CD’s, download applications directly from your account on the browser;
  • Pay as you use, with no need to purchase expensive software - pay the subscription fee for a month, and avoid spending hundreds or thousands of dollars;
  • 1TB of OneDrive storage for each user account;
  • all updates of the Office are available for free - no need to pay for them or purchase newer versions of Office.

Sign up now for Office 365 Free Trial: for a whole month all the features included in the plan you choose, will be available with no limitations.

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